About Us

It all started with good old school design and marketing. As the creativity, professional knowledge and problem-solving grew with experience, so did the clear concept of what truly could become a more intelligent brand of design and advertising.

Enter LeDuc Creative Co. A culmination of timeless traditional advertising combined with deep digital thinking to provide clients with a compelling business development strategy, one that reaches a wider and more diverse audience and answers far more questions that it asks.

As the branches of LeDuc Creative Co. spread and grew, so the challenge of meeting the news and distribution side of the picture, bringing the advent of LCN2. From global wires to local media, and timely blogs to the current social media, the LCN2a crew of product managers, SEO experts, designers and writers research and work with the latest technology and media to get great client content and business-related information to the right people at the right time.

The pressed shirts in the drawer are gone, but not the art of telling a good story.