Mark Feight to Appear on This Week in Agribusiness on May 18th

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - The International Agribusiness Group is excited to announce that their managing director Mark Feight will be joining Max Armstrong for the May 18th episode of This Week in Agribusiness. At the helm of IAG, Feight works with individuals, organizations, and corporations to deliver unique marketing concepts and provide expertise on risk management.


Max Armstrong has over three decades of experience in agriculture broadcasting, having twice received the Oscar In Agriculture and awarded the highest honors by the National Agri-Marketing Association. His broadcasts have reached across all 50 states and 30 different nations. Feight will be discussing with Armstrong the current agricultural conditions and climate in the U.S., and how these pertain to the “climate” of risk management.


Producers, investors and anyone interested in agriculture rely on the experts at This Week in Agribusiness to deliver their unparalleled perspective on the latest technological advances in agribusiness and the policies and trends that help to shape the industry. IAG and Feight are honored to have this opportunity to make an appearance on this highly respected broadcast.


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