Emergency Generator installed for Kuka Systems Data Center

Saves Millions in Potential Loss from Unplanned Downtime

Electrex Industrial’s recent installation of an emergency power supply for Kuka Systems North America has already earned its keep. With potential losses of more than $10,000 an hour and a minimum of 5 hours getting everything back online, the backup system put in by Electrex has kept Kuka’s vital Sterling Heights, Michigan data center up andrunning during two outages in the last few months. According to a study from the Consortium for Electrical Infrastructure in a Digital Society (CEIDS) the U.S economy loses upwards of $100 billion per year just to short-term blackouts. Despite an estimated average cost of $642,000 per incident many smaller industrial and medium-sized
manufacturers have insufficient emergency power generator backup in place, especially in critical data centers.

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