About Us

Art, Business, Technology and Thought

The pressed shirts in the drawer are gone, but the craft of telling a good story that focuses on relevant industry information is still a time-honored tradition at LeDuc Creative Co. With feet firmly planted throughout the Midwest, our crew of product managers, SEO specialists, writers and designers share a passion for getting great client content and business-related  information to the masses— in-print, on-line and in a timely fashion. 

Noise, Interference, Outcries, Entanglements, Interruptions, Impediments and the Human Drone

In contemporary advertising and marketing to break though the noise, iInterference, outcries, entanglements, interruptions, impediments and the human drone, thick and dark as molasses, to the other side, to clarify intentions and to really connect is most of the time daunting and takes countless tasks with many attempts. Here at LeDuc Creative Co we research, work , research and rework again, to find the esence of our clients core and project that ensence accurately and faithfully to a very specific target and geography. It is our duty and obligation to cut through clarify, clean up and get results.


A relentless passion for high caliber commercial Art, a lightweight and agile boutique Business model, blending the latest Technology with the latest medias and with constant forward Thought the new LeDuc Creative will achieve new heights in new age comminications for it's clients.